Woman’s head DOUBLES in size after horrific allergic reaction to common hair dye

A teenager’s head doubled in size after a horrific allergic reaction to a common hair dye that left her struggling to breathe.

Estelle, a 19-year-old English student from Paris, shared photos showing her shocking disfigurement caused by the chemical PPD, which is found in 90 percent of hair dyes.

Estelle says she had bought a standard DIY hair dye from a supermarket in Val-de-Marne, on the outskirts of Paris.

But social media in France was stunned when she posted faces of her reaction to PPD online.

The allergy first caused her scalp to itch before the top of head started to swell up.

Estelle attempted to treat herself using antihistamines and cream from a pharmacist but she awoke the next day to catch a glimpse of her inflated reflection.

Speaking to French news outlet Le Parisien, Estelle said: “I could still see; here I was struggling to breathe.

“My forehead had doubled in volume. My head was like a light bulb.”

She said that her tongue started to swell and she was rushed to hospital where the circumference of her head measured 63cm rather than the average 56.

The teenager said she had previously suffered a mild reaction to hair dye and used the allergy test that comes with the product.

But, rather than wait the recommended 48 hours, Estelle applied the dye after 30 minutes.

Despite ignoring the instructions, her mum says there should be greater awareness of the PPD risks.

He mother said: “It’s true that she didn’t follow the instructions word for word but the warning has to be clearer.”

PPD, the abbreviation for paraphenylenediamine, is also used in high concentrations in the popular black henna tattoos.

It is the prime cause of allergic reaction to hair dye and is needed for most shades of permanent colour, especially dark shades.

There is a strict limit on PPD concentration at a maximum of 2 percent and the chemical is banned in other cosmetics.

Estelle added: “I almost died, I don’t want something similar to happen to other people.”

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