Woman claims she got the body of her dreams by DOUBLING the amount she eats

A PERSONAL trainer has revealed the exercise secrets she swears by for sculpting her amazing figure – including eating more.

Lauren Simpson used to weigh just 50kg, surviving on 1,000 calories-a-day, and admits she took her “obsession” with fitness too far. Writing on Instagram, the Aussie 29-year-old said under-eating led to “horrible” skin, violent mood swings and brittle hair. She said: “I was that girl who was scared of carbs. I only did cardio as I was scared weights would make me big and bulky. I let the number on the scale rule my life.”

Lauren then showed off her 10kg weight gain, after doubling her calorie intake to more than 2,000-a-day – eating at least five times. She said: “The biggest game changer for me was weights training and shifting my mindset around food.

“Lifting weights and learning about resistance training built my confidence and created shape with my body.”

Sadly, Lauren says there’s no quick fixes to achieving a sculpted body like her’s.

Now an award-winning bikini model, Lauren has 1.9 million followers on Instagram, where she shares her tips. When she’s “shredding” for a bikini competition, Lauren eats a two egg omelette with cauliflower rice, baby spinach, roasted cashew nuts and tomatoes for breakfast. She’ll have rice cakes with tuna and tomatoes as a pre-workout snack and coffee followed by fruit for her afternoon snack. Lunch might be fish served with potato wedges, mushrooms and green beans.

Lauren will then have a chicken salad for dinner and a a smoothie bowl with protein, frozen blueberries, almond milk and peanut butter for dinner.She rises at 6.30am each day to answer emails and Instagram DMs, and treats herself to a takeaway three times-a-week.


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