Who could take the wheel in Saeima?

Political parties in Latvia expect different outcomes, including a temporary solution and the possibility of preserving the current team governing the Saeima. The 13th Saeima will gather for its first meeting 6 November. Politicians doubt the new government will have been formed by then.

Politicians are committed to reaching an agreement regarding the division of posts in the new government before then.

Currently Saeima’s Praesidium consists of Ināra Mūrniece (National Alliance), Inese Lībiņa-Egnere (Unity), Gundars Daudze (Union of Greens and Farmers), Andrejs Klementjevs (Harmony) and Gunārs Kūtris. Only Kūtris has not been re-elected to the Saeima.

At the same time, other politicians say that it would be necessary to elect a new Saeima Praesidium. Politicians have also discussed the idea on a possible expansion of the Praesidium so that it is possible to include representatives from all factions.

For example, the leader of the New Conservative Party Jānis Bordāns believes it is necessary to elect a new Saeima Praesidium. KPV LV party’s prime minister candidate Aldis Gobzems said on Wednesday, 24 October that political parties elected to the 13thSaeima will meet 30 October to resolve the matter regarding a temporary Praesidium and commissions.

New Unity politician Edgars Rinkēvičs told journalists that the discussion on this matter is expected next week. «A Praesidium is needed. Regardless if it is technical or representative – we need to discuss it,» said Rinkēvičs.

Commenting on the possibility to preserve the current Saeima Praesidium, Raivis Dzintars, chairman of the National Alliance ‘All for Latvia!’ – ‘For Fatherland and Freedom/LNNK’ – said it would be a good temporary solution, considering that the outline of the new coalition remains unknown.

Klementjevs said the Praesidium deals with the parliament’s organizational tasks. He said for Harmony, as the parliament’s largest faction, should be represented in the Praesidium. He adds that it is also important to form a capable government, which is something not possible without Harmony, he said.

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