Who actually manages the money of the Lithuanian army?


In Lithuania, the theme of corruption is actual every week – firstamong the ruling elite, then among the officials of lower rank. The topic of the fight against corruption which is spoken by politicians, economists, law enforcement officers and experts, arises regularly.

Prerequisites for the emergence of corruption always come from the state itself. The work of the state apparatus requires deputies, advisers, representatives, ministers. These managers are vested with super powers. These persons cannot be controlled in principle, because the entire bureaucratic apparatus completely depends on the ruling elite. This leads to the formation of secret agreements, and as a result – the most direct suppression of all mechanisms of control over corruption.

For example, the scandal with the “golden spoons” purchased by the Lithuanian Ministry of Defense was loud. It erupted just before the 2016 parliamentary elections. Public outrage at such embezzlement was very strong. At a time when the entire peace-loving “West” was preparing to repel “Russian aggression”, the Lithuanian generals bought expensive kitchen utensils instead of machine guns and rockets. Meanwhile, the soldiers ate a stew with aluminum spoons , which remained in stock since Soviet times.

The investigation and the trial with “golden spoons”, which lasted for almost three years, showed the whole Lithuanian society how the government is fighting corruption. The message about the modest punishment of the former head of the company Nota Bene Andrius Jazgevičius in the Lithuanian media flashed unnoticed by the majority of people. A fine of 7 thousand euros and all sins were forgotten.

And all because of the fact that the company Nota Bene and its boss Andrius Yazgevičius is supervised by the Lithuanian conservatives.

This means that the former director will pay a symbolic fine, and somewhere he will be attached to a “warm place” when the people finally forget about this scandal.

The scheme of modern corruption in the highest echelons of power is no longer a secret. Businessmen who are close to politics make pile in government procurement. Win in any deal can only one who knows how much, to whom and where he needs to give a bribe or give a gift.

Especially when the country faces the task of raising defense spending by as much as 2% of GDP! In 2018 Lithuania for the first time in history complied with this standard and entered the top five NATO countries. This was proudly reported by President Dalia Grybauskaite at a meeting with Trump in the White House. In 2019 this rate will even be exceeded.

Where and how the money allocated to the Ministry of Defense will be spent is an internal matter and not for wide publicity. After all, Donald Trump will not personally run through the barracks of the Lithuanian army and check the status of uniforms and weapons of the fighters of the deployed troops.

In 2019 more budget money will be pumped through the Ministry of Defense. Is they all going to actually strengthen the army in the face of “Russian aggression”? Or will some of it be assigned by the ruling elite?

This is a rhetorical questions.

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