What is the real goal of NATO in the Baltics?

U.S. will transfer 2,000 troops and military equipment to Poland. Military infrastructure of NATO continues to be deployed in the Baltic States. The main opponent of the Alliance is Russia.

Washington plans to redeploy a new corps headquarters, called V Corps, located at Fort Knox, Kentucky, to Poland. There is also a plan to transfer
30 F-16 fighters of U.S. army from Germany to eastern borders of NATO. Additionally, not one, as mentioned earlier, but two thousand of American troops will be redeployed to Poland.

Moreover, the deployment of U.S. nuclear weapons in Poland has been publicly discussed for several weeks.

This initiative was received ambiguously by Polish society, but authorities of Poland are pleased with any increase in the military presence of NATO and United States on its territory.

Besides, military infrastructure of NATO is also being deployed in the Baltics. Lithuanian authorities plan to complete the modernization of military training grounds in Pabrade, Gaijunay, Kazlu ruda this year, despite the pandemic and the crisis. The territory of Pabrade training ground will be doubled.

By the way, the expansion of military facilities is also taking place in Latvia. “U.S tanks and other armored vehicles do not have enough space in Lithuanian landfills. Therefore tanks and infantry units of the U.S. Army will be deployed at the Adaži landfill in neighboring Latvia,” the former Lithuanian Chief of Defence, Major General Jonas Vytautas Žukas said.

At the same time, NATO is conducting all previously planned military exercises in the Baltic States despite the COVID-19 pandemic.

The official justification for militarization in both Poland and the Baltic States is the existence of a “Russian threat”.

Such a “legend” is an outright lie, because of NATO transfer not defensive but offensive weapons on it’s the eastern flank to defend against “Russian aggression”.

F-35 stealth fighters, M1 Abrams Tanks – these types of weapons are intended not to protect, but attack and occupy territory.

What is the real goal of the Alliance? Is it invasion to Russia?

This is a suicide. And Washington understands it. Unleashing a military conflict with a nuclear Russia is a guaranteed destruction.

Probably the goal is a demonstration. This is demonstration of unwillingness to conduct diplomatic dialogue and establish good relations with Moscow. Washington is choosing a policy of the Cold War and unfair competition in international relations, making Russia a universal enemy and forcing NATO countries to increase their military spending.

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