Weather will gradually become sunnier and warmer in Latvia this week


Weather will remain cloudy and windy in Latvia, especially along the coast, this week. However, from the middle of the week onward it will gradually become warmer – the sky will clear and air temperature will rise, as reported by State Environment, Geology and Meteorology Centre.

For the first time in this autumn season air temperature dropped below 0° C at night. Warmer masses of air were carried to Latvia on last Saturday and Sunday. As a result, meteorological observation station in Mersrags registered a new record: +18.8° C. The next week will also have warmer and drier weather.

Weather in Latvia will be dictated by the north-western portion of an active anticyclone. On the night to Tuesday, northern regions will experience some short-term rain. Wind will draw in from the south-west. At times the will become strong. Warmer masses of air will enter Latvia on Tuesday. With that, air temperature will drop to +4° C… +8° C at night and stay within +12° C… +15° C during the day.

Anticyclone activity will increase in the middle and second half of the week. Weather will remain cloudy on Wednesday, but as the week goes on clouds will gradually fade and weather will become sunny. No major precipitation is expected, and the wind will gradually calm down along the coast. Air temperature will become warmer: around +14° C… +19° during the day and +8° C… +13° C at night.

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