Weather in Latvia to be rainy and cool next week

At the end of this week, colder masses of air will flow into Latvia by a cyclone. This means weather will be cool and windy. Rain is also expected on Sunday and beginning of next week. Weather will gradually improve in the second half of the week, however, as reported by State Environment, Geology and Meteorology Centre.

An active cyclone above Finland will be dictating weather in Latvia this Friday. A cold atmospheric front will cross Latvia at the same time, bringing rain to many areas. Northern winds will become stronger under the cyclone’s influence. Because of that, wind speed will reach 15-17 m/sec. Colder masses of air will also enter Latvia, which will prompt air temperature to stay at around +16° C… +21° C during the day.

The cyclone will become weaker on Saturday. The amount of clouds will be volatile. With that, no major precipitation is expected. Strong wind and relatively low air temperature is expected: around +9° C… +14° C at night and +15° C… +20° C during the day.

A new cyclone will approach Latvia from the south on Sunday. A wide precipitation zone will approach from the east, bringing moderate rain with it. The precipitation zone will reach Riga closer to the evening. Forecasts regarding expected movement trajectory of the cyclone and its precipitation zone are not unanimous and may change. Wind speed will likely reach 15-18 m/sec. Air temperature will drop to +9° C… +13° C at night and +12° C… +17° C during the day.

At the beginning of the Dong and Dance Celebration week, weather in Latvia will be dictated by a cyclone above the Baltic Sea. With that, there will be more precipitation and even thunderstorms. Wind will draw in from the north.

Anticyclone activity will increase in the second half of the Song and Dance Celebration week. Because of that, wind will calm down and precipitation will decline. Maximum air temperature will increase. Nights will remain cool, but there is a high possibility air temperature will reach +22° C… +25° C.

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