Weather forecast in Estonia: No rain on Midsummer Day


The Estonian Weather Service forecasts mostly clear skies and temperatures between 16 and 23°C for Sunday, and occasional clouds and between 15 and 24°C for Monday. This means that very different from recent years, neither bad weather nor a sudden temperature drop are to be expected for Midsummer.

Midsummer is a bit of a cliche in Estonia in that the forecast is typically for rain or at least fickle weather, and temperatures tend to drop to what has sometimes been below 10°C.

This isn’t the case this year. Though 15-16°C on the coast and 23-24°C farther inland certainly can’t be called hot summer weather, and though the nights will be cooler still and also quite windy, this year’s bonfires are safe.

Midsummer Eve (Jaaniõhtu, sometimes also Jaanilaupäev) on June 23 and Midsummer Day (Jaanipäev) on June 24 are Estonia’s most anticipated summer holidays and a major event of the year. Families and communities gather in the country to spend the night by bonfires, celebrating the summer solstice.

While June 24 is also St. John’s Day, its religious meaning in Estonia is marginal, as the vast majority of Estonians (over 84 percent) don’t belong to any religious confession or group.

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