Wear your mask like you wear your undies – Vilnius authorities instruct on proper protection

A properly-worn facemask should cover both the mouth and the nose, reminds Vilnius Municipality, posting a risqué doodle comparing a badly worn facemask to a piece of underwear that doesn’t cover one’s breasts or penis.

The instruction, posted by the city’s Facebook account, comes on the day when wearing facemasks in all public places has become mandatory in Vilnius, Kaunas, Klaipėda and 18 other municipalities across the country. The red-zoned municipalities have been put under local quarantine due to high rates of coronavirus infections.

To bring the new rule home, Vilnius Municipality used a variation on a meme that has been circulating in the Lithuanian social mediasphere for some time.

“Wearing your facemask under your nose is like wearing your underwear like this,” reads the caption above an image showing improperly worn masks and underwear.


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