Warm weather ups power prices in Baltics

Warm and dry weather and stoppages at Finnish power plants increased electricity prices in the Baltic states last week, independent power supplier Elektrum Lietuva.

The average price of electricity grew 0.7% in the three Baltic states. It was up 0.72% to EUR 54.48 per MWh in Lithuania and Latvia, and grew 0.73% to EUR 54.11 in Estonia.

Power prices have been rising in the regions since the star of the month, experts say.

According to Elektrum Lietuvos, power consumption dropped 0.6% to 470.2 GWh on Jul. 16-22 in the region. It grew 1.8% to 220.6 GWh in Lithuania, inched down 0.1% to 126.2 GWh in Latvia and dropped 5% to 123.5 GWh in Estonia.

The Baltic states produced 64 % of power for their needs last week, with 57 and 21% produced in Latvia and Lithuania respectively. And power production exceeded consumption by 46% in Estonia.

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