Vote re-count shows no change in Rīga City Council

Re-counting of ballots at three polling stations in Rīga showed no change in mandate seat allocation in the newly elected Rīga City Council, LETA reported September 18.

  LSM reported   that at two Rīga polling stations, unsealed ballots were found, the total amounting to 627; later, 34 of these were found at a third station. It was decided to invalidate the unsealed ballot envelopes and the votes contained therein. The number of mandates received by Harmony and New Unity in the newly elected Rīga City Council could have been affected by the election ballots not included in the vote count due to them being unsealed.

Consequently, New Harmony party  took the case to court   with a request to cancel the results obtained at the two polling stations and hold a re-election at these stations.

The Court decided to annul the decision of the CVK of 3 September 2020 and  instructed CVK to recount all votes   at these polling stations, including all the ballots deemed invalid.

After opening and adding the 661 invalid envelopes, it was found that mandate proportions and deputies elected would not have changed for any party lists.

Rīga City Election Commission decided to approve these  results,   meaning that the newly elected Rīga City Council will now be able to begin work.


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