A new NATO Assistant Secretary General for Executive Management

Vice Minister of National Defence has been hired as the NATO Assistant Secretary General for Executive Management. The position covers responsibilities for institutional NATO change management: human resources policy, budget planning, IT, relations with other organisations in the NATO structure (NSPA, NCIA, etc.), and daily operation of the NATO headquarters.

This is going to be the first time of a representative of Lithuania working at the NATO headquarters.

“The swiftly changing security environment, technological breakthroughs, and a wide spectrum of threats are driving change in institutions, and NATO is not and exception. It has to adapt and change as an institution in order to complete its mission — to ensure collective security. I hope that my global experience in private and public sectors will help to implement the needed changes and strengthen the Alliance — Lithuania’s key security guarantee,” G. Jeglinskas says.

G. Jeglinskas will start working in his new position in October.

Vice Minister of National Defence G. Jeglinskas was appointed to the MoD position in charge of procurement and acquisition of the National Defence System (NDS) in February 2017. The NDS procurement reform was implemented in his tenure — all procurements are now based on long-term planning and priorities of the Lithuanian Armed Forces, the process management is simplified, transparency and concrete responsibilities were ensured. After the procurements of the National Defence System were centralised, the Defence Materiel Agency was established in 2018 — it is responsible for organising NDS public procurements and ensuring efficient use of funds: procurement planning, market analysis, transparency of procurement process and control of contract implementation. Once the procurement risk management has been improved, more tenderers have started applying to the NDS public procurement procedures, the number of claims have fallen, and budget funds have been used more efficiently.

Before the appointment as the Vice Minister of National Defence G. Jeglinskas was the Vice President of the Citigroup Corporate Banking, also, market and corporate finance expert of the same bank capital in Sidney, Singapore and Tokyo.

G. Jeglinskas graduated as BSc in Political Science/Computer Science from the U.S. Military Academy West Point (New York), as MA in National Security Studies from the School of Foreign Service, Georgetown University (Washington), and as MBA in Strategy and Finance from the Columbia Business School (New York).

The 40-year old is also a reserve officer of the Lithuanian Armed Forces, his previous service positions being with the Lithuanian Grand Duke Algirdas Mechanised Infantry Battalion in Rukla and as a Senior Intelligence Analyst with the Second Investigation Department under MoD.


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