Vejonis not to participate in government formation talks for the next few days

President Raimonds Vejonis will not take part in the government formation process for a few days, as the political parties voted into the 13th Saeima have asked for more time so they could agree on the coalition makeup, the President’s Chancery told LETA.

Earlier this week Vejonis had meetings with heads of the 13th Saeima groups to discuss the further government formation process.

According to the President’s Chancery, the majority of Saeima groups told Vejonis that they were ready to reach agreement on one prime minister candidate who would be supported by the Saeima majority.

“Vejonis respects political parties’ wish to continue consultations in the coming days so they could agree on supporting one candidate for prime minister” the President’s Chancery said.

As reported, For Development/For representative Artis Pabriks announced on Tuesday that he was withdrawing his candidacy for prime minister, and For Development/For said that it would not insist that the next prime minister should be a member of that party.

Judging from what MPs have told LETA, New Era’s Krisjanis Karins at the moment appears to be the most likely candidate for PM who would have the Saeima majority’s support.

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