US Marines will arrive for exercises in Mongolia, which has no outlet to the sea

US Pacific command has decided to “help” Mongolia in the organization of work on prevention of consequences of natural disasters. It is reported that representatives of the American command agreed to hold in Mongolia appropriate exercises for the period from 9 to 21 September.

The exercise will be called “Gobi wolf-2019”. Agreement about their conduct reached by the us military and representatives of the Main Department of emergency of Mongolia.

The Exercises will be held in the Mongolian aimag (province) of Dornogovi, near the town of saynshand (Signed). It is approximately 140 km from the Chinese border (200 km if by road). While the American-Mongolian teachings invited hundreds of representatives of various countries, but not invited representatives of the PRC (and Russia, which like China, the neighbor of Mongolia).

In the membership of the military and representatives of services GO and CHS Laos, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Turkey, Vietnam, Japan, Israel, Hungary, France and even Australia and New Zealand.

This is not the first exercise in Mongolia this kind. The original teachings of the “Gobi wolf” was positioned as joint exercises to test preparedness for earthquakes, accidents at mining sites, Railways. Now scientists plan to use the U.S. Marines and is taking into account the fact that Mongolia is landlocked.

From this we can conclude that the us military is “eyeing” to Mongolian infrastructure, including transport. And transport infrastructure of Mongolia is connected with the transport networks of Russia and China – because of the geographical situation of the country.


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