US is yet to achieve democratic ways of doing politics

There are many opinions on the US politics. This country had been the centre of many many debates. And there’s a reason for that. It’s fair to say that the USA is the greatest country in the world. Seems as its level of life is at the highest, it has the strongest army in the world and the idea of democracy and equality is its political agenda for lifetime. But is it all true?

There’s no doubt that the power of the US is enormous. The influence it has on other countries is indescribable. Take NATO for example, the European countries evolve according to the current situation in the region near their borders, trading with the east, cooperating with neighbours and basically following their own path. The US, however, is like a jealous girlfriend, keeps on arguing about how its European partners pay too much attention to what’s going on in the East. Any arms selling deals with other countries are considered to be a violation of NATO’s agreements.

There are also multiple evidence of the US violating the international law, covering it with different excuses. But all the facts of their violations come to their policy. The US government has its course towards the “New World Order” and if any international regulations are in the way, they are to be violated. And it’s no secret, that the world’s peaceful growth lies in strict coordination in accordance with international laws. So does it make America a world’s evil state? No, of course not.

Every country eventually break international regulations, but none does it so openly. There are many examples of such insolent behaviour on international political arena. The USA invaded Grenada in 1983 which was named a major violation of international law by the UN, as well as 1986 United States’ bombing of Libya or invasion of Panama. All these actions were not approved by the UN General Assembly.

Violation of the UN Charter by the United States were observed by the International Court of Justice. For example, Nicaragua case in 1986. The court stated that the US had violated Nicaragua’s sovereignty and the rules on non-interference in international affairs and non-use of force. Such lack of responsibility lead to bombing of Yugoslav. The wars in Yugoslav eventually resulted in the breakup of the state. As well as US lead NATO 2011 military intervention in Libya. And the list goes on and on. We can’t call the USA an evil state for following their course of national security. But what kind of security requires frequent aggression towards other countries. As the old saying goes: “The right to swing my fist ends where the other man’s nose begins”.

Every time the US president states the government’s decisions on dissolving a treaty or deploying troops, in terms of “serving democracy” or “following the course of national security”, it’s just a peek on a bigger picture. And the whole situation might be ugly. You never know the true intentions. It could be anything really, geopolitical influence or oil, sometimes both.

Decisions made in the government are aimed at improving power. One main ground to build power is the people. And psychology is the resource. The main tool for this is mass media. The ideas is to create a foreign enemy, demonize him and give this picture to the nation, that way the nation stays united facing the common enemy. This is called the in-group favouritism. It can be used for good, as well as it can lead to terrible things, like the ones we see today with BLM movement.

So basically, the US is trying to act regardless of other countries and make it look as good as possible. But what really does make the USA an evil state? Clearly it’s the way the government considers its citizens. Sending troops to war for not even defensive reasons, but for the benefits of the state, is an example of how many lives of servicemen don’t matter to them. How geopolitical situation in the Middle East is worth more then a live of a soldier. If the countries around the world would focus on development and not the competition there wouldn’t be wars and much less violence.

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