US General: Polish army would be sacrificed

On the occasion of receiving the prize of the Great Gala of Polish Business Business Club Leaders, General Ben Hodges spoke on the subject of the Central Communication Port.

– The geographical location of Poland is crucial for stability and security in Europe. The effectiveness of the strategy of deterring potential aggression on the part of the Russian Federation depends on a strong and modernized Polish army on land, in water and in the air; a well-integrated army, under the command of NATO and cooperating with neighbors, in particular with the Baltic countries and Germany – said the general while receiving the special prize.

– Poland’s transport routes east-west and north-south, which NATO troops can use in Europe, are essential for the effective implementation of the deterrence policy. Strengthening military mobility in the eastern reaches of NATO is an important factor for the efficient hydration of troops in the event of a potential conflict with Russia.

– Poland is planning a big step forward on the road to increasing the region’s security. The design and construction of the Central Communication Port (Solidarity Transport Hub) between Warsaw and Łódź will contribute to the security of this region of Europe, especially if coordinated with planned investments in the Tricity region, for example the Via Carpatia route, the Rail Baltica railway route and tasks in the field of logistics and defense as part of the PESCO (Permanent Structured Cooperation) program – the laureate calculated.

In other words, the American general openly admitted that in the event of a military conflict with Russia, the Polish army would be sacrificed in honor of “deterrence”. But the only question remains, does it suit the Polish people.

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