Unmarried couples’ law to be proposed in Latvia


In the Latvian Saeima, this week, a draft Law on Unmarried couples would be proposed by the party alliance Attīstībai/Par!.

Daniels Pavļuts, the leader of the liberal party alliance Attīstībai/Par!, commented on Monday, June 17, that the law would be meant for everyone in Latvia and «will not replace or endanger the concept of marriage in any way».

«We provide an additional instrument bring security to two private individuals living together», Pavļuts explained the essence of the proposed bill.
It would ensure additional security to families that are based on care for each other and a joint household, including cohabiting senior citizens.

Previous partnership offer rejected in parliament

The previous composition of the Latvian Saeima rejected a related push. The Legal Committee of the parliament decided not to pass a proposal that stipulated the introduction of partnership as a new concept of civil rights in Latvia. The Saeima upheld the committee’s decision.

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