Underwear addict who spends £2,600 on lacy outfits every year reveals how unusual passion gets her into trouble at work

Ellie Hatfull, 27, started collecting the lacy sets when her work’s strict dress code meant she wasn’t able to express herself through her clothes.

A self-confessed underwear addict who spends more than £2,600 on beautiful lacy bras and knickers has revealed how her unusual passion can sometimes get her into trouble at work.

Ellie Hatfull, 27, says she has been fascinated by underwear since she was a child and now has a collection of about 150 sets.

Her ‘addiction’ started because her job has a strict dress code which means she isn’t able to express herself through fashion on a day-to-day basic.

Instead, she started to wear incredible lingerie underneath her ordinary work outfits.

Speaking to Mail Online , she said: “No one would see it, but it would make me feel good to wear something that I knew was true to myself.

“Whenever I buy lingerie, including lounge wear and accessories, I incorporate them into my outerwear to get maximum value from every item.”

But Ellie, who lives in Sydney, Australia, admits her unusual passion sometimes gets her into trouble at work.

Writing on her blog , she says: “Management comes by and comments on how my outfit is not work appropriate.

“Something along the lines of ‘underwear is not meant to be on show’ ‘I can see your bra’ ‘not the company’s atheistic’.

“Ok I’ll remember tomorrow….”

Ellie shares her passion on Instagram and her blog under the name Lace and Haze, and she now has more than 41,000 followers.

She said: “I wanted to get involved, meet new people and share the love with like minded people – one day, I just decided to start a page and it was the best decision I ever made.

“As a child, I had difficulty with my speech and writing. It’s still something I struggle with, so the blog was a way I could push myself to improve these skills.”

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