UK’s May has two weeks to gain missing support to Brexit deal among MPs

British head of government Theresa May has two weeks to win over 89 fellow Conservative Party MPs, currently opposed to the UK withdrawal deal, until the decisive December 11 vote in the British parliament.

The prime minister said she had no Brexit plan B as she addressed a skeptical and at times hostile House of Commons in a two-and-a-half-hour debate on Monday that ran on for more than an hour before anyone was prepared to speak in her support.

Conservative pro-remain MP Anna Soubry told May: «As it currently stands, the majority of honourable and right honourable members will not vote in favour of the prime minister’s deal.»

Meanwhile, U.S. President Donald Trump increased pressure on the British Prime Minister expressed doubt over, whether the withdrawal deal would «allow the UK to trade» with the U.S.

The British government was quick to respond: «The political declaration we have agreed with the EU is very clear we will have an independent trade policy so that the UK can sign trade deals with countries around the world including with the U.S.»

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