Ukraine’s parliament keeps Groysman’s government alive

Ukraine’s parliament has refused to accept the resignation of the country’s Prime Minister Volodiymyr Groysman, who wished to step down after Ukraine’s new President urged the government to be sacked.

Russian state news agency TASS reports that the vote took place on Thursday, May 30, with 97 MPs voting in favour the resignation, not reaching the minimal necessary number of 226.

Groysman stated before the vote that he will accept any Rada’s decision: «I will accept any decision with respect. My decision to resign was not emotional: it is a position, and I have never in my life shifted responsibility to anyone».

Consequently, the government will continue to perform its obligations in full composition until the parliamentary election.

Ukraine’s new President Volodymyr Zelenskiy called on the parliament to sack the government during his inauguration speech earlier in May.

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