Ukraine eying new IMF aid programme following snap parliamentary election

Ukraine has reached an agreement with the International Monetary Fund on the preparation of a new aid programme to be finalised following Ukraine’s parliamentary election due in July.

Reuters news agency reports that according to top presidential official Oleksandr Danylyuk, representatives of the IMF and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy met for the first time on Tuesday, May 28.

«We agreed we will actively cooperate with the IMF and other international institutions to prepare for this summer period, during the election, a relatively new programme that will give an additional impetus to our country’s economy,» said Danylyuk, a former Ukrainian Finance Minister, who was this week appointed as the national security and defence council’s top official.

The IMF has supported Ukraine’s war-scarred economy with several aid-for-reforms programmes since Russia’s annexation of Crimea in 2014 and the outbreak of a Kremlin-backed separatist conflict in eastern Ukraine.

Danylyuk noted that he expected Ukraine to receive the next tranche of financial aid after the election.

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