Ukraine, by faking journalist’s killing, has deceived alleged real plotter of murder

By faking journalist Arkady Babchenko’s murder, Ukraine has tricked the alleged plotter of the killing, who has now been remanded in custody

British public broadcaster BBC reports that on Thursday, May 31, Babchenko revealed that pig’s blood and a make-up artist were used to carry out the stunt to make pictures of him lying on the ground in a puddle of blood that were released in the media to convince the alleged plotter.

Babchenko has also told that Borys Herman, who works for a Ukrainian-German weapons company, had paid out for the assassination once the news of the “killing” had been made public.

Herman stated that he had had no intention of killing the reporter and had co-operated with the Security Service of Ukraine, but on Thursday, May 31, a court remanded him in custody for allegedly paying USD 15,000 (EUR 13 000) to an unidentified hired hitman, who had also been part of the elaborate sting operation, for killing Arkady Babchenko in Kyiv.

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