UK doctors warn: Brexit not good for British health

Warning of Brexit implications that have become visible in the UK during the Brexit negotiating process, British doctors have evaluated that leaving the EU is «bad for Britain’s health» and have voiced backing for a public vote on the final Brexit deal.

British news portal The Guardian reported this week that a motion opposing Brexit, supporting membership of the European single market and calling for the public to have a final say on the terms of the deal was passed at the British Medical Association (BMA) annual meeting in Brighton on Wednesday, June 27.

«The fact is that the government is woefully underprepared to ensure the United Kingdom’s health and wellbeing is secure in time for the self-imposed deadline of 29 March 2019. Brexit is bad for Britain’s health,» evaluated Dr William Sapwell, who proposed the motion.

Uncertainty about their status has been blamed for a Brexit brain drain of health workers from the EU27 countries, exacerbating the NHS’s chronic staffing crisis, the Guardian wrote.

Also this week, UK’s Queen Elizabeth has signed into law the country’s European Union Withdrawal Act 2018, which was adopted by the British Parliament last week.

Meanwhile, Brexit negotiations between Brussels and London are far from being over.

Recently, there have been calls from both sides to pick up the pace of the talks as a number of unresolved issues such as changes in the relations between British Northern Ireland and Ireland and British Gibraltar and Spain wait for decisions.

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