U.S. not to reduce its forces in Europe, says NATO North-East commander

Regardless of the funding criticism to NATO voiced by Washington, the U.S. army’s presence in Europe is needed and will not be reduced, noted the Commander of NATO Multinational Corps Northeast, German armed forces General Manfred Hofmann to ERR .

Estonian public broadcaster ERR repors on Friday, August 3, that General Hofmann was in Estonia for a ceremony marking the changing out of the commander of the NATO Force Integration Unit Estonia from Collonel Urmas Nigul to Collonel Aron Kalmus.

«We are partners,» the German armed forces general explained. «And what I see so far in the development of the capacities and capabilities of the U.S. Army forces in Europe is that there is no difference compared to the history, and that the forecast is also that it will stand at that level. And that is needed. The military advice from the American side goes in the same direction. So it’s decisive to have these forces here in place.»

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