Twee biscuit tin hiding naughty sex scenes – and artist has reveals why

A freelance artist who slipped naughty sex scenes into a twee country scene on a biscuit scene has revealed why he did it.

Mick Hill, from Whistable, Kent, illustrated the tins for Berkshire-based company Huntley & Palmers in the 1970s.

The artist’s raunchy handiwork was later featured in the Whitstable Times , and was then picked up in the national papers, making page three of the Sunday People in 1980.

Years later, in 2004, one of the old tins was auctioned off in Dorset and had been expected to make around £250.

At the time, Huntley & Palmers thought the whole thing rather amusing. A spokesman said: “This is an example of what happens when things go wrong in the manufacturing process. It’s quite special. We have nothing else like this.”

But Mick never explained why he peppered the otherwise sophisticated Edwardian tea time scene with sexual imagery.

He ‘kept a low profile’ for decades. Until now, it was believed he’d been sacked – and pulled off the prank to get back at Huntley & Palmer. But Mick says otherwise.

“I did them out of devilment, purely for a laugh,” he told the BBC .

“I’ve always been a bit of a naughty boy but I’ve nothing against Huntley and Palmers.

“There have been rumours that I got made redundant and did it out of revenge.”

“But that’s not true – I was only ever a freelance. I just felt like adding a bit of smut to the proceedings.”


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