Trump’s war powers on Iran limited by U.S. Congress

U.S. President Donald Trump’s powers to potentially take his country to war with Iran have been blocked by American legislators setting forth congressional authorization to such a move.

In the U.S. Congress on Friday, July 12, members of the House of Representatives passed an amendment to the fiscal 2020 National Defence Authorization Act that would bar funding to use military force against Iran unless Congress authorizes it.

Representative Ro Khanna (Democratic Party), who co-drafted the measure, called the legislation «the most important foreign policy vote in the United States Congress».
Republican Party representatives, in turn, opposed the legislation, reasoning it would handcuff the U.S. president in dealing with Iran’s destabilizing actions in the Middle East.

«It takes legitimate options off the table, shows America divided in the face of mounting Iranian threats and makes our nation less safe,» commented Rep. Michael McCaul of Texas, the most senior Republican on the House Foreign Affairs Committee.

The bad relations between Iran and the U.S. have worsened after Washington left the Iran’s nuclear deal and imposed sanctions on Tehran.

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