Trump and Macron willing to readmit Russia to G7 despite Crimea annexation

The leaders of France and the United States have expressed their backing to readmitting Russia to the G7 conference of world powers in 2020, despite Ukraine’s Crimea still being held by Moscow, CNN reports.

Russia was asked to leave the group of the largest industrialised economies in 2014 after it annexed the Crimean Peninsula with force from neighbouring Ukraine. Russia has voiced no intention of ending its control of the strategic territory on the coast of the Black Sea.

«I think it’s much more appropriate to have Russia in» the group,
U.S. President Donald Trump said on Tuesday, August 20, in Washington, few days before the leaders of the G7 group of leading countries are to convene for its annual summit in France.

U.S. broadcaster CNN reports that also Tuesday, a senior administration official told it Trump and French President Emmanuel Macron had agreed in a phone conversation on Tuesday that they wanted to invite Russia to the G7 next year.

According to American government source, it was Macron who suggested inviting Russia to the gathering next year, and the U.S. President agreed.

Yet, it is the U.S., which plans to host the G7 meeting in 2020.

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