Trees worth two hundred thousand euros disappear in Latvian border works


Developing the Latvia-Russia border, in eastern Latvia, a protected natural territory has been destroyed and timber worth over two hundred thousand euros has disappeared, reported Nekā Personīga programme of TV3 channel.

According to a Nekā Personīga report of Sunday, June 16, the clearing of a 12-metre wide border stretch in remote areas that are difficult to access is one of the last works in building the Latvia-Russia border.

In late May 2019, the Latvian Internal Security Bureau and the Latvian Nature Conservation Agency noticed that in a remote place in Līdumnieku pagasts, Ciblas municipality, the limits of the 12-metre wide border clearing stretch have been exceeded. Trees have been cut in a 50 and even 80-metre wide stretch and the stumps and the most valuable timber has been removed.

Trees in protected natural areas aged around 170 years have not been spared either despite existing criminal liability for cutting them.

Valuable timber and everything OK without permission

Forestry specialist Kristaps Kalvāns from SIA Forest mentor estimated to Nekā Personīga programme that

assuming that 30 hectares of forest have been cut and logs have been sold for the lowest price on the market, the value of the trees could have been 244 650 euros.
Representatives of Latvian State Border Guard believe that the body should not have asked permission for carrying out the works neither in the wider stretch and the removal of the protected natural area.

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