Traveler registration and monitoring system coming soon

Saeima decided Thursday on amendments to law, which provide for an electronic registration and monitoring system to limit the spread of COVID-19, according to Saeima release October 1.

Since July  , arrivals must complete questionnaires distributed by international passenger carriers upon entering Latvia.  An electronic system   will make the process easier.

The monitoring information system will help the Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (SPKC) in carrying out epidemiological investigations, the State Police and the municipal police at work, as well as provide support for the Health Inspectorate in supervision.

The amount of information to be included, procedures for the inclusion thereof and the term of storage thereof, as well as the institutions to be granted access to the information included in the system, will be determined by the Cabinet.

It is intended to impose an obligation on all persons entering Latvia to include the relevant information in the system.

Two to 400 fine units (ranging from €10 to €2,000) will be applicable for non-compliance.

State Police, municipal police and the border guard will have the right to stop vehicles in order to check whether this obligation has been fulfilled.

The amendments will enter into force on 12 October.


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