Tragic boat collision in Budapest takes tourist lives

In the Hungarian capital Budapest, a riverboat used for tourism turned over with 34 people on board, taking the lives of at least seven people.

Hungarian news portal Daily News Hungary reports that the accident took place late on Wednesday, May 30, when the boat called Hableány (in English: ‘Mermaid’) went under water after being hit by another tourist vessel.

At the time of the collision, the boat was moored near the Hungarian parliament building and reportedly was hit by another tourist vessel, then turned over on the Danube, which has been flooding with strong currents following a rainstorm and heavy rain in the Hungarian capital.

After the collision, all the passengers, mainly South Korean tourists, went into the cold water.

A rescue effort has been taking place, but 19 people are missing.

A news report in English by South Korean Arirang News.

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