Time for parenting classes! Hilarious snaps reveal mothers and fathers with VERY poor judgment – including one who let a toddler play with a huge snake

Children don’t come with an instruction manual and there is no such thing as a perfect parent, but sometimes a little common sense goes a long way.

In a hilarious gallery comprised by eBaum’s World, some very questionable judgments made my parents from around the world have been revealed.

One picture sees a toddler being wrapped up by a giant snake while he bites its skin, while another snap shows a parent resting their baby’s car seat precariously on the bar.

A mother looked the other way while her son lay face down in the grass after falling off a slide in one snap, while another tot screamed as his dad put on a horse face mask.

Below FEMAIL reveals the very worst parenting mistakes that will make many feel much better about their own child-rearing skills.

Parents from across the globe have been included in a gallery by eBaum’s World showing off the very worst parenting mistakes. Pictured: A man, who appears to be based in the US, cycles on the road with his child clinging to his back without a safety harness or seat to sit on.

Hold on tight: Another family, who appear to be based in the US, put their children in the back of their open air truck in their car seats as their mother sat close by in a hilarious gallery comprised by eBaum’s World.

Don’t let him out of your sight! A toddler, whose location is unknown, sucks on the skin of a giant snake, who has wrapped itself around him in a gallery on eBaum’s World.

Send help! A child, who appears to be based in the US, fell off a slide and landed on their face while their mother, who was sitting right next to them, paid no attention in a gallery comprised by eBaum’s World.

Can I see your ID please? A baby sleeps soundly in their car seat on a bar while their parents – whose location is not known – enjoyed a drink in a photo on eBaum’s World.

She needs eyes in the side of her head! This little boy bit a barrier while his mother was busy talking to an attendant in an unknown location in eBaum’s World’s gallery.

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