Three for the weekend: mental health, Latvian Voices and bugs


Summer is coming to a close, August knocking on the door already. Enjoy its weekends!

On August 1, in Riga, Sporta Street 2 square, the festival  Ogle is taking place, aimed at raising awareness about mental health, with lectures, discussions and concerts by “Čipsis un Dullais”, “Sudden Lights”, Arturs Skutelis and “Ārpilsētas sakars”.

As part of the event, it will be possible to attend lessons of the crisis center “Skalbes”, to hear stories of experience together with professionals, and to watch Kārlis Lesiņš’ film “Izmisums”, after which a discussion with the film’s actors will follow.

COVID-19 virus caused a large part of the population to have an emotionally challenging half-year, so the association Ogle is organizing the mini-fest to remind of the importance of mental health in everyday life.

Festival will take place between 14:00 and midnight.

Latvian Voices, in cooperation with the city of Valmiera, is hosting the annual  a cappella music festival  . This year the festival welcomes the band Latvian Voices and a special guest, Janis Strazdins.

The concert will take place August 1, 21:00 at the Dzirnavu Lake (the block of G. Apiņu mājas), Valmiera. Take a blanket or mat with you.

Duration: 1 hour. Free-of-charge entry.

On August 1, Slīteres National Park hosts an educational and unusual event, “   Night of Slīteres Bugs  ”, which will allow visitors to explore the world of intriguing insects.

The event will take place from 22:00, natural educational center “Slītere”, Talsi municipality, Dundaga parish near the Slītere lighthouse. In the program – a “show” of night bugs in the light of special lamps near the Slīteres lighthouse and the Slīteres nature trails, an impromptu insect exploration laboratory and a video.

The event is free of charge. Participants are invited to take a headlamp and dress in appropriate clothing and footwear.


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