Three for the Weekend: Dance Challenge, Sound Forest, UniCon

With an unfortunate growth in COVID-19 incidence in Latvia, event organizers are taking more and more precautions. Enjoy the weekend but remember to be careful!

Latvia has  already joined   the global dance challenge #JerusalemaDance – here is another chance! Sunday, October 10, at 18:00 in  Tumes Culture House  , Tukums municipality, anyone who has learned the simple steps can join another attempt from Latvia to show off to the world.

The description of the annual convention  UniCon is short and clear – it is the celebration of “videogames, cosplay, anime, K-pop, LARP and other geekery”. Those interested can purchase tickets  here.

UniCon t  akes place at Ķīpsala Exhibition space October 10 and 11. Events in English, Latvian and Russian.

Festival for “adventurous music and related arts” Skanu Mežs (Sound Forest) 2020 takes place October 9 and 10 at cultural venue Hanzas Perons (Hanzas Street 16a). The festival offers international audio-visual program for innovative music.


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