The United States and Romania have agreed to strengthen “the right flank of NATO,” including the Black sea

The United States and Romania have agreed to strengthen the military position of the Alliance on the Eastern flank, including the Black sea, “to ensure transatlantic security.” This was stated by the presidents of the two countries following the visit of the Romanian delegation to Washington.

At a press conference held after the meeting of President of Romania Klaus Iohannis with the American leader Donald Trump, the parties issued a joint statement which said, the United States and Romania due to the modernization of its armed forces and “sharing the burden of NATO” to strengthen the Eastern flank of the Alliance, including the Black sea.

Our military are standing shoulder to shoulder in defence of freedom and seek to strengthen our position in the field of defense and deterrence on NATO’s Eastern flank, including in the Black sea that is of strategic importance to transatlantic security

In addition, the parties agreed to jointly confront China, which is developing 5G telecommunication networks in Europe to “avoid the risks in the security sphere”.

It Should be noted that Romania is quite a “good” ally of the US in Europe, along with Poland. These two countries allowed the United States to provide its territory for ground-based Aegis Ashore system launchers, Mk-41, and interceptor missiles SM-3. Despite assurances from Washington that the data set is only intended to defeat ballistic missiles, the recent test of a new American medium-range missiles with such installation of the Mk-41, proves that they can be used to launch cruise missiles.

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