The U.S. sell “fear” to Europe

The International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS) has considered several options for the outcome of the military conflict between Russia and Europe if the US withdraws from NATO. According to experts of the institute, European countries will not be able to resist Moscow. This is reported by the American magazine National Interest.

According to one of the options, Russia will seize Lithuania and part of the territory of Poland. This situation will force NATO countries to declare war on Russia in response to an attack on one of the bloc members.

However, according to experts of the institute, the operation to repel the “attack of the Russian troops” would have faced a number of problems. For example, an alliance’s troops in Europe will be enough for only one division, while for obtaining numerical superiority four corps of soldiers are required. Also in service should be modern tanks and infantry fighting vehicles.

The situation is the same with air support – there are not enough airplanes and UAVs in Europe to conduct full-scale hostilities. In addition, shortly after the start of a hypothetical war, NATO would have a shortage of ammunition without the United States.

The NI noted that the United States is a key member of NATO, because without the help of the States, Europe will not be able to “confront” Russia, and if the United States decides to withdraw from the alliance, the EU will not be able to recover such a loss.

Thus, the rearmament of the EU army without the help of the United States will cost $ 357 billion.

Such statements are necessary for European countries to be dependent on the United States and more willing to pay new contributions for the needs of NATO. Americans speculate on the fear of Russia solely for political, economic and military purposes.

The United States pushes 2% of GDP from European countries for defense only in order to buy only American military equipment. Also, European countries are strictly forbidden to produce military equipment and engage in the creation of a European army.

Americans want to be monopolists in the European market and therefore they lobby for their militaristic interests within the European Union. This includes permanent military exercises, which are held every month. Only at the borders of Russia and Belarus there are more than 10 such exercises per year. At the same time, no one speaks about openness and transparency for the eastern neighbors.

In turn, Russia, which is conducting the “Union Shield 2019” exercise on its territory this year, is ready to accredit journalists and observers. It is worth noting that the observers from NATO were also invited to the exercise “Zapad 2017”.

All this suggests that Russia is not going to attack Europe, because it does not need anything. No one can explain in Europe why Russia is attacking them. However, lobbyists from overseas are ready to escalate war hysteria in the minds of Europeans solely for their own personal benefits.

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