The price of NATO-Russia contention


Nowadays, tensions between the main political forces of the world are growing. Tightness in relations between the United States and Russia is observed in the political, economic and military spheres.

So, many experts call the Baltic region the most verisimilar place of an “explosion” (beginning of large-scale military conflict between NATO and Russia).

To achieve its goals in Eastern Europe, the United States uses military, economic, informational and other instruments of influence. NATO is preparing for a potential conflict with Russia, but at the same time, Washington adheres to the strategy of “hidden conflict”, which does not imply an open military confrontation.

Thus, Washington destabilizes the situation using the different sanctions. The Pentagon is working on scenarios. The main idea – U.S. Air Forces disable the main Russian defense systems of anti-missile and air defense. In the formed situation NATO will block the main strategic and offensive forces of Russia.

At the same time, the leaders of the United States and NATO actively use the Baltic countries for their purposes. Millions of dollars is a price for loyalty and humility of Latvian, Lithuanian and Estonian governments.

By cultivating a fear among the native population of these countries in the face of an “aggressive Russia” that comes and captures, Baltic politicians under the guidance of their curators from Washington turn the region into a “time bomb” – constantly increase defense spending and the number of national troops. On the territory of the Baltic countries warehouses of military equipment and weapons are being created, the NATO military contingent is concentrated, endless aggressive exercises are being held near the Russian borders.

Ultimately, it is not a secret to anyone that the U.S. is a superpower that thinks only about its own interests and seeks for dominance and power. Unfortunately, the leaders of the Baltic States do not understand that they are just pawns and tools in the hands of Washington for achieving their goals.

It is obvious that no one in the United States worries about if, in the event of Moscow-Washington confrontation turns into a large-scale military conflict, it will be necessary to sacrifice second-rate countries.

Unfortunately, no one asks the population of the Baltics about their desire to become the victims of an alien war.

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