Polish and Lithuanian defense cooperation

The Polish Territorial Defense Forces (WOT) and the Lithuanian National Defense Volunteer Forces (KASP) have signed a training cooperation agreement. This is the first agreement between the Polish WOT and that of a different country.

The commander of the Polish WOT, general Wiesław Kukułka and KASP colonel Dainius Pasvenskas signed the document in the Lithuanian parliament in Vilnius on the 28thanniversary of establishing KASP.

The spokesman of WOT Marek Pietrzak explained that the agreement concerns joint exercises and training. “The quantifiable effect of this training will be the joint exercises, such as the “Dragon”. The important part of this agreement, is that it is the first such agreement with a formation from a different country. We are also proceeding such agreements with Latvia, Estonia and the American National Guard,” he said.

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