The New Year’s sex resolutions

Sex expert Pamela Supple shared five New Year’s resolutions for your love life. She recommends widening your dating mindset broader than apps if single. Pamela also believes you need to prioritise both being affectionate and passion.

With the year coming to an end, many will be turning their mind to New Year’s resolutions and what they want to achieve in 2019.

But rather than opting for the traditional ‘get fit, lose weight’ option, you could turn your attentions towards your love life and relationship – which, like other areas, needs re-evaluating every so often.

Speaking to FEMAIL, sex and relationship expert, Pamela Supple, revealed the five New Year’s resolutions you should be making for your sex life – and why they could change your relationship.

1. Widen your dating mindset

Too many daters in 2018 rely on one single path for finding love.

But Pamela said if you’re single and want to change this, then you should ‘try all avenues of dating, as well as the apps’.

She recommends that you spread your ‘dating mindset’ to include things like social gatherings, groups and clubs.

‘Get your face out of the phone when you’re standing in a queue, look up and notice life and people and actively try to get out and about,’ she told Daily Mail Australia.

‘Having a broader range of finding dating opportunities other than apps will definitely help with widening the field.

‘The art of being a great communicator lies within all of us.’

2. Mute your electronic devices

This one applies more for those who are in a relationship, but Pamela advocates that you turn off or mute your electronic devices when you’re both spending quality time together.

‘There is nothing worse than when you are out for a meal, going for a walk, chatting with each other or just about to embark in sex and your device beeps for an email or text,’ she said.

‘It’s very distracting and not at all sexually inviting when you go: “Oh sorry, I just have to get this”.’

Try leaving your phone in the living room when you go to bed, or putting it on silent when you are doing something with your partner.

3. Make sexual pleasure a priority

Too often, Pamela said, women shy away from detailing exactly what they want in the bedroom.

But when it comes to your sexual relationships this year, Pamela said you should ‘communicate and prioritise more foreplay and pleasure’.

‘Express your sexual wants, needs and desires,’ she explained. ‘A pleasure product is a really good way of adding a new level of enjoyment into your sex life.’

Always remember, she added, that sex is ‘to be enjoyed, not ensured’.

‘A sexual encounter should be like a delicious meal. You start with appetisers and champagne. As you progress, you pick and choose from the menu what you would like, taking your time and enjoying every minute.

‘Let sexual pleasure become a priority,’ she added.

4. Be more affectionate

While we often think about our relationships in terms of sex, hugging, kissing and general affection is just as important – if not more – than making love.

‘Being more affectionate with each other really shows your partner that you are noticing them and still really like them,’ Pamela explained.

‘Some couples say that they wish their partner would be more affectionate. If you are one of those people who find this, communicate without blame and ask them if they could be more mindful.

‘Simple things like lingering kisses, generous loving touches, long walks and spontaneous smiles can help you to feel more secure in your relationship.’

5. Exercise, eat and sleep well

You might not expect it, but your health and well-being is so important for a decent sex life.

And Pamela said if you’re more mindful about your body and what it deserves, then your love life will automatically improve.

‘We are all very busy and time poor these days, but it’s important to make time for sex and affection.

‘When we do, the result will be closeness, bonding, the release of feel good hormones and chemicals like adrenaline, oxytocin, dopamine and endorphins. These will boost libido and health and well-being too.’

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