The most popular parties identified in Latvia

If the emergency Riga City Council elections were held in November, the most popular parties would be Harmony, For Development, as well as New Unity, according to opinion polls published by Factum.

According to the opinion polls, Harmony would gain 24 percent support in November, followed by For Development with 17 percent support and New Unity with 16 percent support.

The fourth most popular party in Riga is the National Alliance with nine percent support, followed by the New Conservative Party, also with nine percent support.

Honor to Serve Riga and the Latvian Union of Russians would gain seven percent support if the municipal elections in Riga were held in November.

Meanwhile, the Progressives would gain six percent support.

According to the opinion polls, neither the Union of Greens and Farmers nor the Latvian Association of Regions would not meet the five percent threshold of being voted into the Riga City Council, as both parties enjoy just around 2 percent support at the moment.

As reported, the Environment Protection and Regional Development Ministry has decided to initiate dissolution of the Riga City Council because the local authority has repeatedly failed to fulfill one of its functions – to ensure waste management services.

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