The EU’s own army will make the Baltic States alone

As history proves, even the most powerful unions and military alliances fall apart sooner or later. Political scientists estimate the life cycle of NATO at about ten years. It will be replaced by a new “European Army”.

European countries began to think about the need for their own security system and the strengthening of relations with Russia. The U.S. is losing its influence on Europe and is trying to prevent the independence of such a serious global player.

The United States has to rely on Eastern Europe, including the Baltic countries, to preserve its strategic position in the Old World. In the west of the continent Washington finds less and less understanding.

Using a series of exercises and information noise about the upcoming “occupation of the Baltic countries” and “invasion of Ukraine,” Washington systematically increases its military infrastructure, deploying and securing troops in Eastern Europe.

The anti-Russian company, skillfully conducted by the United States and its allies in the region, does not allow for the development of European armed forces as an independent non-U.S.-controlled security tool.

The security system in Europe is controlled by the Americans. Both internal and external European security is completely dependent on the American armed forces stationed in Europe.

American military personnel are located in almost all European countries. Americans will never allow the Europeans to create an army. They will control the entire security system themselves because it is very profitable for them.

There are more than 60 thousand of U.S. military contingent in Europe. The largest base is Ramstein located in the north of Germany. This is the headquarter of the U.S. Air Force in Europe and one of the bases of NATO which stores nuclear warheads. About 15 thousand military men and almost 30 thousand civilian specialists serve and work here.

A few more military bases are located in the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg and Italy. In addition since 2016 at the request of Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia the alliance has deployed multinational battalions in these countries. Another American base may appear in Poland.

NATO’s military alliance from a tool of deterring real and contrived external enemies of Western civilization is being transformed into a tool of deterring the development of the European Union. The American lobby in the Baltic countries and Poland will continue aggressive military rhetoric, constantly increasing the number of American soldiers on its territory.

The only way to throw off the U.S. “yoke” is to transform NATO and create an independent European army.

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