Tank underpass to be built near Tapa

Construction is to begin on a new tank underpass under Pärnu-Rakvere Highway to be located along the edge of the town in Tapa.

The underpass, which is to be built under Pärnu-Rakvere-Sõmeru Highway on the edge of Tapa, will be used by military vehicles to move from Tapa Army Base to the Central Training Area, writes regional Virumaa Teataja.

The contracting authority is the Road Administration together with the Estonian Centre for Defence Investment (ECDI); the underpass will be built by GRK Infra AS.

A five-kilometer private road from Tapa Army Base to the Central Training area is all but finished; all that has yet to be completed is a crossing with the Tapa-Tallinn railway, the tank underpass and a small portion of road that will connect the underpass to the existing road.

Anti Palmi, director of the North Road Maintenance Department of the Road Administration, confirmed that this large-scale construction work would not interfere with others’ movement in the area.

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