Tallinn pub bans MPs, to highlight effects of COVID-19 restrictions

Government coronavirus restrictions have hit Tallinn’s pubs, bars, cafes, restaurants and hotels hard, but one such establishment in the heart of the Old Town has issued a restriction of its own, in barring Riigikogu MPs service.

Mad Murphys, a well-known Irish pub, grill and sports bar on Town Hall Square (Raekoja plats) made the announcement on its social media account Thursday afternoon.

“We here at the bar have decided to behave as intelligently as the government, and to prevent the spread of stupidity, all members of parliament shall now no longer be served in our fine establishment,” Mad Murphy’s wrote.

“This ban shall remain in force until February 2021 when we shall review the situation. We hope that this message is spread far and wide, and that other bars and restaurants will also implement this ban,” the post added.

The most recent restriction imposed via government order, rather than legislative process, requires entertainment establishments to close at midnight. This superseded an earlier order for halting the sale of alcohol, but not closing the premises.

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