Tallinn city council decides to reduce no of members to 63

With 48 votes in favor, the Tallinn city council on Thursday approved a proposal to reduce the number of members of the council of the capital from 79 to 63, according the news portal of public broadcaster ERR information reported LETA/BNS.

According to council chairman Mihhail Kolvart, who submitted the proposal, the number of members was increased 10 years ago with the idea that that would enable election coalitions to get into the council, too, but this result never came, ERR’s Aktuaalne Kaamera newscast reported.

Kolvart said that every city district would have five mandates and the rest of the mandates would be distributed according to the number of residents in the city district.

“The real reason is the efficiency of the council. If we compare it to 2008, which is the last time there was a 63-member composition, altogether 53 regulations were adopted that year. However, 21 regulations were adopted last year. There are no mathematical formulas that show that a larger membership would mean greater efficiency,” the city council chair said.

From the opposition side, the Reform Party was the one to support reducing the number of council members, however, the party wanted that the size of the officialdom be decreased in the future and that one deputy mayor seat be eliminated.

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