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US Troop Withdrawal: Politics Trumps Strategy

Saturday, August 1, 2020

The Pentagon has released some details of its plan to withdraw forces from Germany. The headline figure is now 11 900 troops (coyly described by the Pentagon as “more than 11 000”) compared to the total of roughly 9 500 discussed when the plan was first announced in June. Of these, around 5 600 will be redeployed In Europe, mostly to Belgium and Italy, and around 6 400 returned to…

Belarus to increase troop presence on Lithuanian border, adjust military plans with Russia

Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Minsk will deploy additional troops to the Lithuanian border and adjust plans of the Russian-Belarusian regional military taskforce, Belarus’  Defence   Minister Andrei Ravkov told reporters on Tuesday. This comes in response to additional defence measures in the Baltic states and Poland, according to Andrei Ravkov quoted by the Russian state-owned news agency TASS. “It is understandable it is neither aggression nor a direct military threat. But the growing military…

AP Explains: How Emirates troop drawdown impacts Yemen’s war

By Sam Magdy on Thursday, July 25, 2019

The United Arab Emirates, one of the most powerful parties in Yemen’s war, has begun to draw down its forces, pulling out several thousand troops in a move that leaves the Saudi-led coalition there with a weakened ground presence and fewer tactical options. The UAE isn’t quitting Yemen or the coalition, which it and Saudi Arabia formed in 2015 to stem the advance of Iranian-allied Shiite rebels known as Houthis…