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New airport could be built between Vilnius and Kaunas

Monday, June 17, 2019

As the numbers of air passengers are growing in Lithuania, a new airport could be built between the country’s largest cities of Vilnius and Kaunas by 2035, the country’s Transport Minister Rokas Masiulis says, adding that the final decision is expected in 2022. “If that large growth in passenger flows continues, we will have no choice as we will need a new airport, and there are plans to build an…

EP Transport Committee backs compulsory truck return, worst scenario for Lithuania

Friday, January 11, 2019

The European Parliament’s Transport Committee, deliberating the Mobility Package on Thursday, has voted in favor of one of three proposals, which stipulates compulsory return of trucks to their home countries, with the Lithuanian transport minister saying it’s the worst scenario. “There were three reports submitted, and they voted in favor of only one, rejecting the other two, and they voted exactly for the one which is the worst for us…

Lithuania lays symbolic rail on restored Mažeiki–Renge railway line

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Lithuania’s Lietuvos geležinkeliai railway company’s director general Mantas Bartuška and Polish oil concern Orlen manager Daniel Obatjek laid a symbolic rail on the restored railway route connecting Orlen Lithuania owned Mažeiķi oil processing plant in Lithuania and Reņģi in Latvia this Tuesday, 14 August. The aforementioned route was closed and dismantled ten years ago. The two officials also signed an agreement on cooperation between the two companies. This agreement provides…