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Workforce experts talk robots

Friday, February 7, 2020

Latvian workforce experts predict that many of today’s professions will be lost to robots as a result of technological development, artificial intelligence and a labor shortage, according to a Latvian Radio broadcast on February 6. “Telephone operators who create connections – we don’t have those anymore,” said “   Eiro Personāls  ” Director Evita Mackeviča. The personnel consultancy agency specialist adds that some professions won’t disappear, but will transform. Everything…

Shrinking workforce and robots among challenges to Lithuania’s labour market

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Despite recent growth of immigration, Lithuania’s workforce continues to shrink and, with automation, the number of jobs may decrease drastically in the coming decades. Remigijus Usonis is now training to be a firefighter in Lithuania. He had lived abroad for 15 years before deciding to return, partly because of his old dream of working in rescue service. “My family is also in Lithuania, we all came back together,” he says.…