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New EU’s perspectives: effects for Baltic States

By Eugene Eteris on Friday, August 2, 2019

In mid-July the new EU Commission President announced new priorities for the whole EU with a consequence that all the states including those in the Baltics have to turn these priorities into the national political-economic order. The Union’s strategic planning is clear and the EU member states’ leaders agreed on the agenda, though some 3-4 – mostly eastern European states – did not see these priorities as “nationally acceptable”. But…

“The EU as a Global Actor: Not Today, Maybe Tomorrow”

By Piret Kuusik on Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Politico Brussels Playbook wrote that 4 February 2019 might go down in the history books as a “fatal blow … to the EU’s attempts to be taken seriously on a global stage”. Agreement on the joint statement of the EU–Arab League foreign ministers’ meeting was blocked by Hungary. The EU was unable to adopt a joint position on Venezuela because Italy disagreed, leading to a collection of individual member states endorsing…