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Lithuanian businessman charged with large-scale fraud in Russia

Monday, June 3, 2019

Lithuanian businessman Vidmantas Kucinskas says he has no knowledge of large-scale fraud charges against him in Russia. Russia’s Alfa Bank is trying to recoup a debt of around 20 million euros from Kucinskas through courts, and the latter believes the bank might try to employ such tactics to bolster its position during the negotiations on the their dispute’s out-of-court settlement, launched some six months ago. According to Laurynas Lukosiunas, a…

Survey: every third Latvian resident has received illegal loan offers

Saturday, July 21, 2018

Nearly every third resident in Latvia or 31% of respondents admit having received offers to use illegal loan services, as concluded in a survey performed by Latvian Alternative Financial Services Association and SKDS. Survey results show that the most common way residents receive offers is e-mail. «Survey data demonstrates a troublesome tendency in relation to the availability of illegal lending services in Latvia. Nearly one-third of residents admit having received…

Every second resident in Latvia has a loan, and every third – a missed payment

Friday, April 20, 2018

Last year, the number of private person loans had increased nearly 10%, according to the Credit Information Bureau’s data exchange system. Currently this institution’s data archive contains entries for 899 thousand assets in private persons’ contracts. 290 thousand private persons have missed some of their payments. According to data from the Central Statistical Bureau of Latvia, there are 980 thousand economically active residents aged 15 to 74. According to Credit…