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Latvia is popular the most among tourists from Russia, Lithuania and Estonia

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

A total of 460 thousand visitors stayed at Latvian tourist accommodation establishments in Q1 2019, which is 1.3 % more than in Q1 2018. Compared to corresponding period of the previous year, the number of nights spent by visitors in Latvia in 2019 has increased by 3 %, reaching 911.4 thousand. The average length of stay reached 2 nights. Over Q1 2019, 301.8 thousand foreign visitors were hosted, which is…

NATO soldiers may face obesity

By Jonas Dringelis on Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Servicemen of the national armed forces of the Baltic states constantly report the poorer quality of nutrition at mess-halls compared with that of US soldiers. Representatives of the defence ministries of Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia in their turn are confident that the diet of our soldiers is balanced and does not harm their health. According to a new health report, however, the military experienced a 12-fold increase in the number…