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European defence still matters but not for Lithuania

By Adomas Abromaitis on Tuesday, October 27, 2020

European countries have different points of view on the issue of the EU collective defence and security. These views divide the European Union and continue to weaken the organization. Some of the EU member states realize the need to turn the EU into a real global military power. European experts believe, that in order for European countries to be able to defend themselves and choose their own course independently, a…

France calls for new, closer EU cooperation with Russia

Friday, August 31, 2018

President Emmanuel Macron of France, who is advocating European defence cooperation alongside NATO, has envisaged more up-to-date, closer relations between the European Union and Russia. Canadian-British news agency Reuters reported that Macron stated on Thursday, August 30 during a visit to Finland, that the EU’s relations with Russia needed to be «brought up to date», but without «forgetting the last few years». «On matters like cybersecurity, defense, strategic relationships, we…